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Modello Hawks Nello Blue Hawk x Little Kings Zodiac Melody Stardust
Female, born on August 30, 2008
AMHA N° A192293
AMHR N° 345878

Lalique Hawk is a buckskin mare of a rare beauty. At birth, she was 20,9 inches (53 cm) tall for 7 inches (18 cm) at the cannon bone. She will measure approximately 32,50-33 inches (81-83 cm) when adult.

Click here to know about Lalique Hawk's foal expected in 2017

Lalique Hawk

Lalique Hawk in autumn 2009...

She will start her show career in Spring 2010.

Lalique Hawk

Her color is spectacular!

Lalique Hawk

Lalique Hawk is now a gorgeous slim and classy mare

Lalique Hawk is ultra feminine and delicate. She looks like a siamese cat. All her attitudes are always a pleasure to look at.

Lalique Hawk's photographs speak for themselves: long legs, ultra short back and neck of her father Blue Hawk and of her grandfather Nighthawk which she holds high and needs no comment...

Lalique Hawk
Lalique Hawk
Lalique Hawk

The blood that flows in Lalique Hawk's veins is the most looked for crossing today in the United States: "Buckeroo x Nighthawk".This crossing produces horses of an extreme beauty who have both strength and refinement and are at the top for either a show career at the highest level or for an extremely demanding breeding program.

Lalique Hawk
Lalique Hawk

One can also find Blue Boy and Rowdy's blood in the pedigree of this uncommon filly. Needless to say what a unique pedigree she has!

Lalique Hawk

Lalique Hawk when she was three weeks old

Lalique Hawk

Lalique Hawk and the dog Isengrin

Lalique Hawk 's foal

Lalique Hawk's first foal, Modello Hawks Lalique Lha Lha Hawk born in 2012 at Modello. She is for sale.

Lha Lha Hawk, pouliche miniature

Modello Hawks Lalique Lha Lha Hawk

Lalique Hawk 's parents

Modello Hawks Nello Blue Hawk

Her father : Modello Hawks Nello Blue Hawk is a son of Nighthawk and of
our leading mare, Flying W Farms De Ja Blue, one of the most famous broodmares
in the United States. He was Champion of France in 2005 and several times
"Supreme Champion" in 2005 and in 2008

Little Kings Zodiac Melody

Her mother : Little Kings Zodiac Melody Stardust is a daughter
of the famous Buckeroo Zodiac and a granddaughter of Buckeroo.
She was in her section: "Reserve Champion of France AMHA" in
2005, "AMHA Champion of France" in 2006 and
"European Amateur Champion " in 2007!


Lalique Hawk's grandparents

Lalique Hawk's two grandfathers are: Buckeroo and Nighthawk, which needs no comment for those who are familiar with this fantastic race of miniature horses bloodlines and even for those who know less about them...

Champion Farms Nighthawk

Champion Farms Nighthawk

Little Kings Zodiac Buckeroo

Little kings Buckeroo Zodiac


Flying W Farms De Ja Blue only produced champions!!! De Ja Blue is a granddaughter of the famous stallion Blue Boy, which says it all!

Flying W Farms De Ja Blue

Flying W Farms De Ja Blue


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