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Les prés de Modello

Some of the 28 broodmares of Modello Horse Farm at grass

Les prés de Modello

In spite of our knowledge of horses, when we decided to start breeding this extraordinary horse breed, we were forced to start learning again lots of things!

Indeed, though we were able to judge the standart of a "selle français" horse or that of an "Anglo Arab" one, it was very difficult for us, we when started getting interested in this AMHA breed (Amercian Miniature Horse Association), to really identify good from average or bad standart for these small horses.

The standart for mini horses is more difficult to catch and to understand. It is only study trips of the breed in the United States and visits of a number of breeding farms that we were able to be sure that we were making the right decisions for our breeding program.

We have developed through the years relationships of trust and friendship with the best American breeders. These relationships have enabled us to acquire the producers that we wanted to create the basis of our breeding program.

We would like to share our experience with amateurs in order to help them avoid the pitfalls and desapointments of the first horse buys.

We will be happy to coach them in the choices that best match their aspirations: breeding or show horses or pet horses simply to see and live with these pure wonders of horses who can be so gorgeous when they are properly chosen!

We cannot pretend satisfying all desires but we can help those who wish it in the accomplishement of their project.


Some of the 28 broodmares of Modello in their pasture
Les prés de Modello Les foins à Modello une période que nous aimons particulièrement...

Our 20 hectare estate of woods and pastures is enterely dedicated to our horses
Haytime ar Modello, a period that we very much like...

Phantom Forever

A broodmare and her filly at grass in Summer...

Professional breeders can find at Modello Horse farm foals of an irreproachable quality who will bring them, thanks to their exceptional bloodlines, the new blood they need.

All breeders pretend having excellent bloodlines but what is important is to know the extent of the dilution of these bloodlines. At Modello, we have a son of Buckeroo as well as daughters. And we have a son and daughters of Champion Farms Nighthawk.

As for Blue Boy and Gold Melody Boy, we find their bloodline in many pedigrees but at Modello Horse Farm, our Blue Boy and Gold Melody Boy are have a percentage of concentration of 50 to 75%! This is what we call "Doublebred". Not to mention bloodlines of Alamos Impressive Streaker or Reflections or even Top Banana or Patton which all have a precise reason to be included in our very strict breeding program.

At the moment we have 120 AMHA horses among which 28 broodmares and 8 stallions, the others being two year old or yearling horses. In 2008 we had 9 foals. This year we had 24: 13 males and 11 females. We are totally happy!


Overseas et isengrin

The dog Isengrin, the horses' best friend...

Jeu de deux étalons miniatures

Two adult yet inseparable stallions at play

la  grande allée cavalière que les chevaux empruntent souvent seuls pour aller dans les prés

The riding pass that our horses often take on their own to go to their pastures


Our services:

Kaaprina Hawk Forever

On the left, Kaaprina Hawk, on the right, Phantom Forever, 2 fillies born at Modello

Our main vocation is to sell our foals and we strive to produce excellence. We concentrate on the best of this breed. As the American say "ONLY THE BEST" is our motto.

Even a pet horse must be somptuous for the simple reason that watching a beautiful horse is a unique treat!



Some of the boxes of the main stable

We welcome horses for short and long term boarding. We also welcome mares for covering by our stallions.

We take charge and manage foaling for owmers who do not want to throw themselves in this delicate adventure!

Photos of foaling at Modello Horse Farm!
La vie douce... une pouliche de quelques jours

Easy life... a few days old filly

She has just given birth to her first foal Tarek Hawk

She has just given birth to her first foal Tarek Hawk...

Top Dream has just foaled. She is a bit cold and is warmed up

Top Dream has just foaled. She is a bit cold and is warmed up.



Phantom Forever Open, Amateur and AMHA Supreme Champion
at the International show of Germany in 2008

And finally we are also a training center for show horses. We train and present our clients' horses in shows...

We won five out of the six shows to which we participated in 2008.

We were Supreme Champion or Reserve Champion in each of them...

Without mentioning the many titles of "Première place" and "Grand Champion" of the horses that we presented for our clients.


Al Attal Hawk

Al Attal and Overseas

Letter against horse slaughter
mares in the pasture

Happy ladies !

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