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Alamos Streakers Ambitious Bay x Modello Aikeybrae Golden Bracken

Male, born on May 14, 2009
AMHA N° A193980


Bambitious Bay is the first foal of our stallion Alamos Streakers Ambitious Bay. He is adorable with a color still difficult to identify. We will have to wait untill he grows up to be sure whether he will be silver bay or liver chesnut.


Bambitious Bay

He will be rather small, about 31,32 inches (82 cm).
This foal has such a unique character that eveybody at the stabbles fell in love with him. He is very close to men. For this reason, we have decided not to sell him and to keep him with us at Modello.

All our foals are very close to men because we look after then very closely from the moment they come to life until they leave Modello. We check very carefully how they are going to live when they leave us and we always keep in contact with their owners. If, for a reason or another, the new owners can no longer keep a horse that we have sold them, we always agree to buy him back.

Bambitious et Heathcliff
Bambitious et Heathcliff

Bambitious Bay and Heathcliff

Bambitious Bay is very clever, even bright. He communicates a lot with us and loves to play and learn. We will keep him for dressage with long reins and we will teach him some figures and even some tricks!
This will be fun for him as well as for us. These marvellous small horses give a lot to the people who take care of them. As a baby, Bamitious Bay used to fall asleep in our arms and since then he has kept a very affectionate character. He really has a very special personnality.


Bambitious Bay at grass

The parents of Bambitious Bay

Alamos Streakers Ambitious Bay

His sire : Alamos Streakers Ambitious Bay

Modello Aikeybrae Golden Bracken

His dam : Modello Aikeybrae Golden Bracken


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