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Little Kings Phantom Buckeroo x Flying W Farms Blue Boy Dont Be Blue

Female, born on July 8, 2011


Congratulations and thanks to Mrs Jacqueline Mantovani-Bauché, France.
We wish her a lot of pleasure with this lovely little show filly.

Dont Be Jealous

This blue roan filly will be very small, around 30 inches (78-80 cm). She is extremely well built, having inherited her parents’neck, knowing that both are renowned for passing on spectacular necks! Her head is particularly Arabian, just like her famous sire, Phantom Buckeroo!

She moves as if she was flying, with her father’s exceptional bearing. This astonishing bearing for such a small horse is the bearing of a dressage or driving horse.
Dont Be Jealous is the own sister (same sire, same dam) of Phantom N°5, our Supreme Champion of the 2011 international show season.


Dont Be JealousDont Be Jealous
Dont Be Jealous
Dont Be Jealous

Dont Be Jealous' parents

Son père
Little kings Phantom Buckeroo

Little Kings Phantom Buckeroo

Sa mère
Dont Be Blue

Flying W Farms Blue Boy Dont Be Blue


The grandfather of Dont Be Jealous

The grandfather



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