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Boones Little Buckeroo x Boones Little Buckeroo Gold Lace
AMHA N° A148004

Elegant Lace is Supreme Champion!

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Aaprinas in Buckeroos elegant lace

Aaprinas in Buckeroo's elegant lace in 2007

Elegant Lace is a stunningly beautiful mare with a very arabian head and a short back. Her size is 32 inches and her color buckskin.

Elegant LaceElegant Lace Elegant Lace
Elegant Lace et Kaaprina Hawk sur la plage de Deauville

Elegant Lace and Kaaprina Hawk on the beach at Deauville


Buckeroo, her father and the most famous miniature horse
in the world. On this photograph, he is 30 years old.

Elegant Lace, is Buckeroo's first daughter arrived in Europe with her own sister Aaprina in Buckeroo's Snowy Lace.

Today, only four are in Europe and three are in France. Two of them are at Modello's Farm and the third one, the beautiful Zha Zha Buckeroo, is at "Maryhorse Miniatures", our friend Maryline Tournier's farm.

For those who are not familiar with the bloodlines of this marvellous breed of purebred American miniature horses, let us say how important Buckeroo is in the world of miniature horses.

Buckeroo is no doubt the most famous miniature horse in the world. Today, he is 31 years old and has produced during all these years an inescapable bloodline as well as a multitude of "World Champions". As everything beautiful and having worldwide success, he has often been criticized! And today some people say his standard is over...

The best American breeders know that it is not the case and they cross breed him with specific bloodlines who keep on producing horses of an always unequalled beauty.

The best evidence: each year, the Dallas World Show has among its top winners sons and daughters or granddaughters or grandsons of the incomparable Buckeroo!


At Modello's farm we have two daughters and a son of Buckeroo! It has not been easy to acquire them but we are delighted. Phantom Buckeroo stands up to the legend, he is the father of the best current champions in Europe: Modello Blue Phantom Forever and Hallmarks Phantom Stetson.

Without talking of his other foals, all equally winners in shows.

Elegante Lace does not either fall short to the Buckeroo tradition: so far she has participated in only three shows but each time she won awards.

Elegant Lace

After several shows and a "Supreme" title, Elegant Lace is now spending happy days at Modello.
On this photograph, she was expecting her second foal for Spring 2010... She is one of the rare daughters of Buckeroo in Europe.

Aaprinas in Buckeroos elegant lace

Elegant Lace and her daughter Backal Hawk

Elegant LaceElegant LaceElegant Lace

Elegant Lace's foals

Elegant Lace gave birth to her first filly in August 2008, Modello Hawks Buck Kaaprina Hawk, whose father is Modello Hawks Nello Blue Hawk.

The filly is absolutely exceptional and she started shows in 2009. She is the result of the basis of our breeding program "Nighthawk x Buckeroo".

Elegant Lace

Kaaprina Hawk and Backal Hawk, two daughters of Aaprina, at the European Championship
Kaaprina Hawk obtained the title of 2011 AMHA European Reserve Champion "Produce of Dam"

Modello Hawks Blue Kaaprina Hawk

Kaaprina Hawk is Multiple AMHA Supreme Champion, 2011 AMHA European Reserve Champion Get of Sire
and 2011 AMHA European Reserve Champion Produce of Dam

Modello Hawks Buck Backal Hawk born in 2010.

Backal, miniature horse at the show extravagenza 2011

Modello Hawks Buck Backal Hawk at the show Extravagenza 2011
Backal Hawk is AMHA Multiple Grand Champion and 2011 AMHA European Champion

Modello Hawks Buck Hawk Viva Maria born in 2011.

Viva Maria, miniature filly

Modello Hawks Buck Hawk Viva Maria
She is Multiple Champion and Grand Champion

Modello Hawks Buck Kaatarina Hawk born in 2012.

Katarina Hawk, pouliche miniature

Modello Hawks Buck Kaatarina Hawk had already obtained, at the age of 5 months, the "2012 AMHA European Reserve Champion" title

Elegant Lace au Championnat d'Europe d'Oudennarde en 2006

Elegant Lace at the Oudernnarde
European Championship in 2006

Elegant Lace

Elegant Lace at the 2006 IMPS
of Normandy.
The photograph is not very good
but one can see
all the titles she won.

IMPS 2006 championship of Normandy:

  • Champion of 3 years and over mares
  • Champion of 3 years and over mares and stallions
  • Champion of best even color
  • Best presentation Champion
  • Supreme Champion
  • Selected for the English HOYS Miniature Horse of the Year Championship
    in 2007 and 2008

MHCF Compiègne French championship - National Studfarm 2006:

  • Open Reserve Senior Mares 30-32 inches Champion
  • AMHA Reserve Senior Mares 30-32 inches Champion

2006 Oudenaarde European Chamionship:

  • Amateur Senior Mares 30-32 inches Champion

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