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Flying W Farms Little Blue Cody x Flying W Farms Blue Illusion
AMHA N° A44824

De Ja Blue has been World Champion Top Ten

Flying W Farms De Ja Blue

Portrait of Flying W Farms De Ja Blue,taken in October 2012

Flying W Farms De Ja Blue is our leading broodmare.

Flying W Farms De Ja Blue

On this series of photographs, De Ja Blue is more than 13 years old and though she had lots of foals, she has remained incredibly thin!

De Ja Blue

All our broodmares have been selected for their exceptional qualities, because we believe that horse breeding depends, most and foremost, on the quality of its broodmares. Indeed, they are the ones who contribute to the right evolution of the breed by giving birth to irreprochable foals with the most perfect standart.

She is "National Top Ten", which today corresponds to the "World Champion Top Ten" title (the wording of this title was changed three years ago).

This terribly refined mare is a unique jewel and we are aware of it. She is 15 years old and more beautiful, delicate and thoroughbred than ever. She passes on her catlike elegance and charism with a short back and long neck. Her head is small and delicate and of great beauty... We were lucky enough to be able to acquire this pure wonder in Kentucky, at Janet King of "Limestone Miniature".

She finally joined Modello in 2005 to our greatest satisfaction after long negotiations.


De Ja with our friend and the horse's friend Sophie Mutin

De Ja with our friend and the horse's friend Sophie Mutin

De Ja Blue

Summer 2009. On this photo taken in the meadows, De Ja Blue is almost 17 years old!
In spite of her age and her many foals, she is still as graceful and beautiful as before...

De Ja Blue
De Ja Blue et sa fille Phantom Forever
De Ja Blue et sa fille Phantom Forever

De Ja Blue and her daughter Phantom Forever

Blue Boy

The unforgiveable Blue Boy, De Ja Blue's grandfather

We find in her pedigree Rowdy's blood but, most of all and basically, she is a granddaughter of the irrepleacable Bue Boy! She is what we call "Doublebred" Blue Boy, which means that she is of Bue Boy double lineage.

Her blood remains inevitable for all bredeers. It produces fantastic broodmares who produce champions and this is the reason why one finds Blue Boy broodmares in all good american breeding farms, especially when their blood is very concentrated, 50% or even 70% Blue Boy.

De Ja Blue is unique!

She has only produced foals that became champions. In the United States, she is one of the AMHA most famous mares.

All breeders know her. It is not rare, when there are traces of De Ja Blue's blood in a foal's pedigree, to find her quoted as a reference in their ads.


De Ja Blue's foals

She gave us two horses of exception, both multiple Supreme Champion:

Modello Hawks Nello Blue Hawk,

Blue Hawk à Deauville

When she arrived from the States, De Ja Blue was in foal of the famous stallion "Champion Farms Nighhawk" and she gave us our Blue Hawk stallion,
who became "Supreme Champion" when he was three months old! And again, "Supreme Champion" when he was three years old!

and Modello Blue Phantom Forever, born in 2007. These both horses became famous champions.

Phantom Forever

Phantom Forever is the most titled mare of the 2008 international competitions, several times "Supreme Champion"!
No mare born and conceived by parents living for years on the French territory had won against "World Champion" horses just arrived in Europe
with their American trainers!!!

Stand Out Loud

The gorgeous "LM Hawks Stand Out Loud", son of De Ja Blue and Multiple Champions, who belongs to the German breeding farm CS Royal


De Ja Blue has been selected in the American Pat Edler book "The Outstanding Mares" published in 2007 in the United States. This book presents the mares who have most contributed to the breed since the opening of the Studbook and produced the greatest number of champions.

Couverture du livre de Pat Edler, The outstanding Miniature Horse Mares

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