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Harts Tip Top Flash x SBH Sunrise Masquerader
AMHA N° A159868 - AMHR N° 260351A

Redrock Flashtacular is World Champion!

This little wonder has been Champion and "World Champion" in Dallas, Texas.

We absolutely wanted to have a "color" broodmare and, what's more, we wanted her to be perfect with lots of show successes. This "special" horse was difficult to find.

Redrock Flashtacular arrived in France in December 2007 to our greatest satisfaction.

Click here to know about Flashtacular's foal expected in 2017

Redrock Flashtacular

Redrock Flashtacular

She will bring to our breeding farm her beauty and her special color. She is overo pinto with bleu eyes. She is very tiny and measures 29,5 inches (75 cm) and there are only very small and thin horses in her pedigree.

Redrock Flashtacular
Redrock Flashtacular

Redrock Flashtacular as a yearlings, at the USA

She has many results in shows and obtained the "World Champion" title at the World Championships in Dallas, USA, in 2006. Below are some of Flashtacular' s photos in shows with her American breeders.

Flashtacular World ChampionneFlashtacular World Champion

Flashtacular "World Championne"

Flashtacular World ChampionFlashtacular World Champion

On the right, Flashtacular "World Champion Top Ten"

Redrock's foals

She had her first foal out of our stallion Reflection in Standing Ovation CBY in 2010. Both are small horses, extremely well proportioned, harmonious and very refined.

Redrock Flashtacular

Redrock Flashtacular and her son Raging Red

Redrock Flashtacular

Modello RK Stetson Stella born in 2011.

Stetson Stella

Modello RK Stetson Stella

Modello RK Stetson Infente Ines born in 2012.

Modello RK Stetson Infente Ines, miniature filly

Modello RK Stetson Infente Ines


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