Modello Horse Farm

American miniature horse breeding



After several months of work, our site is now on line.

It is intended to be complete and exhaustive with photos and informations on all Modello Horse Farm horses!

Where do they come from, when and how this breed of small purebreds was born, how to raise and feed them as well as information on the breeding of these horses, specificities of the breed, births, etc.

Not to forgive advice for new owners who start in this activity.

Inconditional lovers of this wonderful breed of small horses will find, hopefully in these pages, valuable answers to their questions.

Sections will give you information on our services: training for shows, mid or long term boarding, coverings by our stallions, mailing of frozen seemen worldwide... and on our horses for sale. Should you be intersted by one of them, do not hesitate to contact us. Any request or proposal will be carefully taken into consideration.

Professional breeders will find on our site foals that have been dominating shows for the last years, produced by our famous stallions, who will bring them new blood to ensure the perennity of their breeding farms.

We hope that you will enjoy discovering our profession and our passion in doing it. We also wish to be able to bring to those who love horses, "small" as well as "big" ones, something of what makes us dream when we watch them live.

Our aim is to raise awareness of this breed far less known in France than in Northern Europe and, why not, encourage new vocations. Enjoy your visit...

Friendly regards,

Nathalie Marmuse and Alain Colonna
Modello Horse Farm

This site was developed by Armelle Julien from Tequitoi and translated in English by Brigitte Evrard.