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D & S Fast Break x SMO Que Tee de Suerte
AMHA N° A202443 - AMHR N° 306908T - ASPC N° 160824

Soon on our website the Bailey's page with many beautiful pictures!

Stallions at stud

Bailey is the first miniature horse in Europe with the three registrations AMHA - AMHR - ASPC.

He will be two years old and his size is 32,50 inches.

We are very proud of him and so happy that we can add this amazing stallion to our breeding program!!!

Click here to know about Bailey's foals expected

SMO Bailamos de Suerte

Today we received from the United States the prestigious Award of our new young stallion SMO Bailamos de Suerte "AMHR HONOR ROLL ALL STAR". This stallion joined us in France after having participated to the 2011 AMHA and AMHR 2011 shows in the United States, where we had left him for training after having bought him at the age of three. He was AMHR Grand Champion, AMHA Grand Champion and AMHA Supreme Champion!

SMO Bailamos de Suerte Honor Roll
SMO Bailamos de Suerte

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