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What can you do with a miniature horse?

Why a miniature horse?

WF Phantom's Mega Star

A son of our stallion Phantom, Phantom's Mega Star, promised to
a great "driving" career in the United States. Driving is a discipline
that is becoming more and more popular in Europe

Winners Circle Shine On Silver Moon

Winners Circle Shine On Silver Moon jumping with reins at Modello

This is a question we are often asked. First of all, one should know that in the United States miniature horses are often ridden by children. But two conditions must be fulfilled:

  • 1) the child must not weight more than 30-35 kilos
  • 2) he must be a rather confirmed rider. These horses are small purebreds, who are extremely alert and require good "delicate" hands and strong legs, as opposed to Shetland poneys who usually forgive errors...

One can also do "dressage", dressage as well as jumping with long reins, trec or driving which is a widespread discipline in both the United States and Europe. Though there are many driving competitions, one can do driving for one's pleasure without entering competition! It is such a pleasure indeed to see their fantastic style!

There are also halter shows which are becoming more and more popular in Europe. They represent an important part of this very big American industry which is the breeding of miniature horses.

Just like in the United States, there are now in the European shows, classes for children and youngsters who can now present horses, whether their own ones or that of other people

Hallmarks Phantom Rio Grande

Hallmarks Phantom Rio Grande

The AMHA American Studbook is the largest horse studbook in the world, all breeds and sizes included, with 178 000 AMHA horses registered!


The World competition takes place every year at Dallas in October. It is the famous "World Show"


The halter shows represent an important part of the activity of Modello's Farm. We breed foals born of producers selected for their fautless conformity and aptitude for shows. Even if their new owners do not want to enter competition but only want to have a domestic animal, we want the horse to be up to their owner's expectations and of the best quality and beauty.

Modello Hawks Nello Blue Hawk notre étalon au Concours international de Deauville en Juillet 2009 présenté par Guillaume Brénu de l'équipe de Modello.

Our stallion Modello Hawks Nello Blue Hawk at the Deauville international show in July 2009.
He is presented by Guillaume Brénu of the Modello team...

Chevaux miniatures qui sont guides d'aveugles

Today, in the United States,
some miniature horses are,
after a long training,
horses for the blind

Lady Célina, a filly born at Modello in 2006,
strolling on the beach in Normady
where she lives since she was weaned

These small horses are very close to men and
extremely clever. They give a lot to those who
take care of them!


Phantom à Deauville

Jogging on the beach...

Even if new owners do not want to enter competitions but only want to have a pet horse, we want their horses to answer their expectations and to be of the best quality and beauty.

It is such a pleasure to own a gorgeous animal and to look at him!

Because of their small size, they are very cuddled from their earliest age, thus making them "impregnated" and attached to man.


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