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Modello Hawks Nello Blue Hawk x Little Kings Zodiac Melody Stardust

Colt, born on August 3 ,2009

Midnighthawk is just born, his adult size will be around 32,5-33 inches (82-84 cm). This small colt has his mother's color, silver bay silver buckskin, (dark brown legs, tail and mane). The horses of this color have legs, tail and mane that become darker when they get older, usually at about one year old.





He is the result of the Nighthawk x Buckeroo crossbreeding, which is the basis of our breeding program. This stud is a true marvel. He has a lot of charism and the great presence of the stallions of this bloodline, just like his father Blue Hawk and his grandfather Nighthawk.


It is a foal of an exceptional quality, born for a show career, just like his sire and dam who rapidly obtained an excellent palmares, Lalique Hawk, Midnighthawk's own sister, will start her show career in 2010.

We are so pleased with this foal that we have done the same crossbreeding for 2010.

The parents of Midnightawk

Modello Hawks Nello Blue Hawk

His sire, our "Supreme Champion" stallion Blue Hawk, is our pride; he was born at
our farm from parents who have been living at Modello Horse Farm
for several years. This breathtaking stallion is already a legend.
The quality of his production confirms our breeding choices

Little Kings Zodiac Melody

Melody Stardust did very few shows but each time she won


The grandfathers of Midnightawk

Champion Farms Nighthawk

Champion Farms Nighthawk

Little Kings Zodiac Buckeroo

Little kings Buckeroo Zodiac


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