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Little Kings Phantom Buckeroo x Flying W Farms De Ja Blue

Male born on March 20, 2010

This small colt is the son of our two stars Phantom and De Ja Blue and the own brother of Phantom Forever that one no longer needs to present and who is the mare who won in Europe and in 2008 the greatest number of titles!

Little Lord Fantelroy

Little Lord Fantelroy

Little Lord Fantelroy who was born two early is very small and he will have, when adult, approximately the size of Phantom, i.e. 29-29,50 inches.

He is absolutely cracking and at the stabbles we are all mad about him!
We are always mad about all our foals but this one required so much attention because of his fragility and small size that really everyone at Modello want to look after him…

His color is light palomino, almost pink with the famous extraordinary head of his father Phantom.


Little Lord Fantelroy's parents

Flying W Farms De Ja Blue

Flying W Farms De Ja Blue only produced champions!
She is in the book of mares who have created the breed
and produced the biggest number of champions

Little kings Phantom Buckeroo

One no longer presents Little Kings Phantom Buckeroo,
this son of Buckeroo (the only one in France)
Once again, one of his foals reaches the highest level in show.
What a fantastic producer!


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