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Samis Kid Banana x Samis Irish Jig
AMHA N° A131228

Soon some new pictures of this beautiful and refind little mare.

Click here to know about U Tiny's foal expected in 2017

U Tiny, miniature horse
Sami's U Tiny Trinket

Sami's U Tiny Trinket

U Tiny is one of the two mares of the TOP BANANA bloodline, famous for its driving horses and their look.

U Tiny is a small mare of 30 inches (80 cm), smokey black, which means that she is a "low" gene carrier and that she will be able to produce foals of all diluted colors such as cremello, palomino, buckskin, etc.

She is very refined, slim and delicate and naturally thin and muscled.
She moves, like all horses of this bloodline, with a very great amplitude of movements.

U Tiny has just given birth to her first foal out of our stallion Phantom. She is a beautiful filly of light palomino color, small, thin and delicate.


U Tiny's foals

Modello U'T Phantom Fen Roses born in 2009.
She was in 2012, AMHA-ICAMH European Reserve Grand Champion and European Champion Senior mares 30-32.

Phantom Fen

Modello U'T Phantom Fen Roses

Modello U’T Phantom Black Orchid born in 2010.

Black Orchid

Modello U’T Phantom Black Orchid

Modello U'T Stetson East of Eden born in 2012.

East of Eden, poulain miniature

Modello U'T Stetson East of Eden


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