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July 15, 2009 - April 16, 2020


Josie left us two weeks ago and I did not have the courage so far to answer the many hundreds of messages I received from all over the world. I thank you all from the deepest of my broken heart…

Beyond his fabulous legend and unique successes in the halter and driving AMHA and AMHR history, Josie was the smartest and easiest as well as the most charming and endearing stallion.

I loved him and fell in love at first sight at the World Show in 2011. This love for him never left me and one day, in spring 2016, I had the immense joy to welcome him at Modello.

My grief is so strong that today i hate spring,I hate the coming summer. The green meadows of Modello closed in the winter and now opened have no longer appeal to me

But what remains is the joyful comfort of his foals who will pace the competition grounds during the coming years and his frozen semen that we reserve for Modello only.

Josie, I miss you terribly. I used to go and visit you at night in your box. Now, I only have your grave, close to Phantom’s, to share a moment with you… All my thanks again to his admirers and to those who came across him. He was a unique horse.

Nathalie Marmuse – Modello Horse Farm

Josie Welcome by Miniature Horse World
Josie in Europa, ad by Claire Moore
Josie back cover in Europa

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