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Reflection Standing Ovation CBY x Redrock Flashtacular

Male born on March 29, 2010

We were expecting the first foal of our two great Champions, Reflection Standing Ovation CBY who is a multiple Champion in the 2008 European show circuit and Redrock Flashtacular who has been “World Champion” at Dallas in 2006.


Congratulations and thanks to Mr and Mrs Franck Oudot, France

Modello Ovation CBY Raging Red

This foal’s color is unique. He is almost garnet! We have never had horses of this color so far

This foal is a wonderful gift for us! He is all refinement. He will be small like his parents, 29,50-30 inches maximum. This is a foal with a tremendous look with a lot of elegance and delicacy. He has a incredibly long and spectacular neck compared to his size! He keeps his head very high up and this gives him an extraordinary look.

He is a foal of show quality. In the Unites States, breeders look for his very famous pedigree to reduce the size of their horses while keeping an extreme refinement and a great harmony, which is something rare with very small horses. There are many “World Champions” in both the father and the mother’s bloodline of Raging Red!

Modello Ovation CBY Raging Red

Ragging Red will be small, around 29-30 inches (75-76 cm).
He will be, just like his father Reflections in Standing Ovation CBY, extremely refined and well built

His color is exceptional! During all these years of breeding and with 60 horses we never had a foal of such color, maroon chesnut, almost red!

Modello Ovation CBY Raging Red

One can see on this photograph that he has a very long neck which he carried high

At birth, he was measuring 53 cm for 18 cm at the cannon.
He will bring to any breeder his blood, his color and his extreme quality to give refinement and beauty to any demanding breeding program.
Raging Red will be able to do top level shows if her future owners want him to do so and Modello might train and present him at shows.

Modello Ovation CBY Raging Red
Modello Ovation CBY Raging Red

His conformity allows us to believe that he will be able to do a show career as brilliant as his parents’ one… before bringing all his quality to a strict breeding program

Raging Red's parents

Reflection CBY

Reflection Standing Ovation CBY

Redrock Flashtacular

Redrock Flashtacular


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