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Bar LS Bright Beginning x Circle S Midge
AMHA N° A962016 - AMHR N° 93122A

Bright has been World Champion!

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We will never be thankful enough to Frank and Charlotte Lupton of "Reflections a Miniature Horse Farm inch" in Oklahoma to have allowed us to acquire Bright Reflections, the star mare of their farm and to have let her go to Europe.

Circle S Bright Reflections Bright

Circle S Bright Reflection

This mare brings her exceptional qualities to our breeding program. Her size is 34 inches and she is of an extreme slimliness and stunning beauty. Her body is perfect, thin and muscled and she has a swan neck. She is very charismatic and has an incredible style!


Bright is a mare of "Black Tovero Pinto" color. She produces color foals.

Fille de Bright Starbright

On the left: Bright in Dallas with Frank and Charlotte Lupton
On the right: Starbright 2007 World Champion

She has produced many Champion foals.

Her daughter was "World Champion" at the Dallas world championship in 2007.

Bright and her daughter "World Champion" are both "AMHA Honor Roll". It is extremely rare to see both the mother and the daughter be "AMHA Honor Roll". She is "AMHA Register of Merit", a really very prestigious title up to her unique beauty!


Circle S Bright Reflections

Circle S Bright Reflection's titles

  • AMHA Multiple Champion and World Champion
  • AMHA National Honor Roll Champion
  • AMHA Register of Merit
  • PtHA National Champion
  • AMHR National Reserve Champion)

Bright was chosen for the Pat Edler book "The Outstanding Mares" published in 2007 in the United States. The book presents mares whose contribution to the breed since the opening of Studbook has been key and who have produced the greatest number of champions.

Couverture du livre de Pat Edler, The outstanding Miniature Horse Mares

Texte sur Bright

Two mares from Modello are presented in this book: Bright and Flying W Farms De Ja Blue, which makes us very proud and happy.

Bright's foals

Modello Star Bright Overseas born in 2008.

Bright et Overseas dans les prés de Modello

Bright and Overseas "au naturel" in Modello's pastures

Deux de nos merveilleux chiens "Berger de Maremme Abruzze" ,ce sont des gardiens hors pairs! Ils vivent avec les chevaux , les gardent et les protégent...

Bright with her colt Overseas and two of our wonderful dogs "Bergers de Maremme Abruzze", Amon and Almée


Overseas, the Bright's foal born at Modello in 2008 at the 2009 Europeen AMHA's championship: Yearling's AMHA Europeen Champion 30-32 inches


Modello Star Bright Overseas at the 2010 French Championship One more time Champion, Open and AMHA!!!

Modello BRT Phantom Princess Noor born in 2010, she's a filly out of our stallion Phantom.

Princess Noor

Bright and her filly Princess Noor

Modello BRT Phantom I Did It My Way born in 2011, a filly from Phantom again.

I Did It My Way, miniature horseI Did It My Way, miniature horse

Modello BRT Phantom I Did It My Way

My Way, pouliche miniature

Modello BRT Phantom I Did It My Way


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