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Little kings Buckeroo Zodiac x Little Kings Sweet Melody
AMHA N° A157009

2006 Reserve Champion of France Yearling Mares
2007 Champion of France 2 years old Mares 30-32

Melody Stardust is a daughter of the famous Buckeroo Zodiac and a granddaughter of Buckeroo. Needless to say anything about her fantastic pedigree! We went to choose her in Kentucky, USA, at Little King Farm when she was three months old and she joined Modello Horse Farm in 2005 three months later. That special horse, that you cannot forget once you've seen her, is of a breathtaking beauty!

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Little Kings Zodiac Melody Stardust

Little Kings Zodiac Melody Stardust photographed by Liz Mac Millan

Her color is silver buckskin, a rare color difficult to obtain. Her legs are very long, the end of her neck is beautiful and she has a very small head with big eyes. She measures 32 inches (81 cm).

Little Kings Zodiac Stardust Melody

She gave us her first filly in 2008. The father is our stallion Blue Hawk, Modello Hawks Blue Lalique Hawk. This small buckskin beauty will start shows in August 2009 at the Plessis-Brion French Championships.

Melody Stardust has just given birth to her second foal Midnighthawk. He is a success, just like his sister Lalique Hawk, which confirms that we are right in our breeding choices. We will do the same Stardust Melody x Blue Hawk crossbreeding again for 2010. We were looking forward to this foal with a lot of impatience. His birth answers all our expectations. He is for sale and he can be booked.

Melody Stardust's father

Little Kings Zodiac Buckeroo

Little kings Buckeroo Zodiac now belonging to Maryhorse Miniatures, France.
Congratulations for this wonderful horse

Melody Stardust did 4 shows in her life and each time was a winner.

Today, she is a broodmare and as such lives peacefully in Modello Horse Farm's big pastures...

Melody Stardust's foals

Modello Hawks S Zodiac Lalique Hawk born in 2008.

Lalique Hawk, miniature mare

Modello Hawks S Zodiac Lalique Hawk in autumn 2009...

Modello Hawks ST SA Bakélite Hawk born in 2010.

Bakélite Hawk, miniature filly

Modello Hawks ST SA Bakélite Hawk

Modello Hawks STM Nikita Hawk born in 2012.

Nikita Hawk, miniature horse

Modello Hawks STM Nikita Hawk


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